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[17 Jun 2005|06:46pm]
[ mood | bored ]

So like...yeah.

How much do you love me?


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[04 Jun 2005|12:34am]
[ mood | awake ]

the show.Collapse )

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[09 Mar 2005|08:26pm]
[ mood | horny ]

Uhm, im a copy cat. So sue me.

Everyone who reads this has to reply anonymously, and tell me about their most extreme feeling about me deep down on the inside. It can either be good or bad, who cares, but it has to be anonymous.


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[01 Mar 2005|11:01pm]
[ mood | so happy <3 ]

1 Month w/ Breanna <3

Brea, im so glad to be with you, you make me so happy :) I hope everything can continue to go the way it has been and I cant wait till i see you next. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

A lover she's called
so I'll wait forever but shes already mine
my heart
search and rescue
but I found you
But hey wonderful
Isn't she beautiful?

Brea, you are beautiful =]

//comment ?

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You made it weird. !!111 [06 Dec 2004|10:28pm]
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problems.... [05 Dec 2004|10:20pm]
[ mood | =,[ ]

okay...so im way to indecisive when it comes to certain things and i hate it. i end up hurting people and im sorry, i dont mean it but it still happens..i really need to change, but its hard. this is something ive never had to worry about before since i was well...never really looked at, or noticed . but now i am, and im stuck with this problem. im really sorry....=..[ //comment i guess...

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Pee Aye aRe Tee whY [05 Dec 2004|01:08am]
[ mood | Hmm ]

yeah today was the party at Maddy's. it was loads of fun, atleast i thought so. started out me playing cs like always, until more people came, then we ate and sat around while everyone talked and i listened since i had no idea what they were talking about. played sharades(sp?)and that didnt last long lol, then Katie, LExie and me played CS, well i played they just talked into the mic, which was fun too, lexie had lots to say lol. ended up being kicked out of a few servers because of her saying vagina a whole bunch of times. thennn people started to leave and then i made naomi and lexie taste the brownies i made, i think they hated them and just pretended to say mmm good. lol oh well. katie couldnt have any =( but maybe thats better since they were gross -.- so then they left and the rest of us(maddy mike john sam katie lane me) watched Alien and me and john ate more food. sam grabbed a non-alcoholic beer and drank it lol, tasted kinda blah, not very good. i sorta took maddy's hat, infact im wearing it right now =O lol.

welllll thats all for tonight i guess.


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[29 Nov 2004|11:00pm]
[ mood | fuCk. ]

coheed cancels for sure this time. FUCKING BULLSHIT! and i was actually looking forward to seeing 3. cause it turns out that they are REALLY good.
Coheed better be at the fucking TasteOfChaos because they have Fucked ME over enough already!

im so fucking PIsT

on the bright side...FromFirstToLast // Emery // Boys night out // Roses are Red

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pool is fun. [27 Nov 2004|12:57am]
[ mood | LOLOLOLO ]

ok so tonight was definetly the most interesting night ever lol....some people know why.

xbox at mikes..special pool at mikes LOL and then fountains(the boring part) im not really gonna get into details, sorry.

took this from micheLLe

Answer me this:
01. Who are you?
02. Are we friends?
03. When and how did we meet?
04. Do/Did you have a crush on me?
05. Would you kiss me?
06. Describe me in one word.
07. What was your first impression?
08. Do you still think that way about me now?
09. What reminds you of me?
10. If you could give me anything what would it be?
11. How well do you know me?
12. When's the last time you saw me?
13. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
14. Are you going to put this on your journal and see what I say about you?

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games... [23 Nov 2004|06:50am]
[ mood | awake ]

I WANT TO PLAY NeedForSpeedUnderground2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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[21 Nov 2004|10:19pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Friday - truck race

Saturday - busch race

Sunday - nextel race

yep that was my weekend lol, it was kinda boring, but not completely horid. i had some fun. im glad theres no school thursday or friday cause i need to catch up on sleeeeeeeeep. <3


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its scary how true this is.. [16 Nov 2004|06:53pm]
[ mood | =-o ]

yeah, i dont do these very often but everyone else did lol so i gave it a try...and its actually everything that i am..except for the superstitious part...because i think superstitions are stupid.

Take the quiz: <a href="http://www.zenhex.com/quiz.php?id=1988">"What does your birth month reveal about you?"<br></a><br><b>February</b><br>Abstract thoughts. Loves reality and abstract. Intelligent andclever. Changing personality. Attractive. Sexy. Temperamental. Quiet, shy and humble. Honest and loyal. Determined to reach goals. Loves freedom. Rebellious when restricted. Loves aggressiveness. Too sensitive and easily hurt. Gets angry really easily but does not show it. Dislike unnecessary things. Loves making friends but rarely shows it. Daring and stubborn. Ambitious. Realizing dreams and hopes. Sharp. Loves entertainment and leisure. Romantic on the inside not outside. Superstitious and ludicrous. Spendthrift. Tries to learn to show emotions.

wow. so yeah, if you know me well than you know its true.


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GRAAAAAR [15 Nov 2004|06:03pm]
[ mood | postponed... ]

[Quote from CoheedandCambria.com]

"Tampa, Ft Lauderdale shows postponed!
15 Nov 2004 by Admin

Due to a personal matter, tonight and tomorrow's shows will be postponed. we are working on the dates now, so keep checking back. As of right now, the rest of the dates, starting with Orlando, will go on as scheduled."
ok so Maddy goes and says its cancelled..but its NOT its just POSTPONED...which still sucks, and if you bothered to read the above, then you know that they havent released the date that it wil be changed to..

so yeah...thats really disapointing, also because i didnt see Lane today, and i wont see her Thursday - Sunday =[


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headache [12 Nov 2004|10:55pm]
[ mood | HEADACHE! ]

i get headaches way to often =( and they are usually really bad ones =\.

but on the good side, i got to see Lane today =], she didnt go to the park after school so i was kinda sad, and then nobody was allowed to go to Maddy's, so Mike, John,kevin and me went to TACO BELL and then we ditched kevin lol..but he walked to maddy's, and then we all went there and went to sawgrass.

we saw the incredibles and it wasnt bad at all lol, i kinda enjoyed it. then we were gonna go our seperate ways but Lane got to go to maddy's =] so we alll hung out there for like 30 mins or so lol <3<3

so yeah the night was alright, except for the bad headache i had the whole time =\ hopefully we do something 2morrow cause i wanna see Lane again<3



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im not single!!!!11 [10 Nov 2004|11:45pm]
[ mood | finally.... ]

I asked Lane out and she said yes =] that made me happy lol...its been so long since ive had a gf  =\

went to a show at PIS. The Mission Veo was really good, i liked them.



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and iiii robot will never die [07 Nov 2004|06:53pm]
[ mood | finally.. ]

though i think alot of people know.

I like Lane. <3

soooooo much like woah

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[04 Nov 2004|09:38pm]
[ mood | hf984gf ]

Obviously made KRISHNA stand out from the rest since thats a friends band.
also incase you didnt read anything other than the bands, its F R E E

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one of those thingies [02 Nov 2004|06:44pm]
[ mood | mmmm ]

What do people really think about you?
by Raven319
favorite song
Parents thinkYou're lazy
Strangers thinkYou're hot
Friends thinkYou're a slut
Quiz created with MemeGen!

it actually makes sense....if it wasnt for the slut part lol, or maybe thats true too and I just dont know it.
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[01 Nov 2004|06:19pm]
[ mood | K. ]

ok now for Sunday...first of all this owned the Incubus concert, cause i liked these bands better.

left at like 6 to pick up Kevin and head toRevolution. got there to see a BIG line but we found friends and got in, + the line moved quickly anyways so we got in and worked our way semi into the crowd.
warm up band was ust ending, didnt wanna see them anyways...

Matchbook Romance was basically setting up as we got in <3 i love em so much and it was better then i wanted it to be. They dressed up as the Ghostbusters and even played the theme song upon their entry to the stage, i left kevin and worked my way into the middle of everybody so i could see better, it was simply AMAZING so i definetly planned on buying a shirt at the end. <3 they played all the songs i love the most lol.

Falloutboy went on next, i dont listen to them that much so i didnt know many songs that they played, but it was still fun. It rained during them (dam it felt so good...COLD rain <3 ) but then 3 people slipped in a pit...yeah a FOB pit LOLOL one of them was me cause someone took me down with them, and I ended up slicing open my hand on the ground...it covered in blood so i left to get ice and such and stayed in the back for the rest of FOB. They dressed up as Mario,Luigi and Yoshi lol..it was neat

Taking Back Sunday was last..of course, and very very good. They put on an amazing show, played an even amount of old and new so it was good. Me and kevin got seperated during TBS so i wason the whole other side, and decided to crowd surf, so i went up 3 times, and fell on my head once lol but it was great. TBS left but we called em back out and they came dressed as spiderman, and also a mix of like 8 costumes lol,so then they played A New American Classic on acoustic. and then they let us pick a song, so then we had them play Cute without the E <3 very good stuff.

ALMOST FORGOT!!! and dunno i could have rofl...there was like 6 girls who were behind us that got obsessed with my hair O.o...just like way to many people who think its amazingly beautiful lol...i really dont know what the big deal about my hair is..ITS JUST HAIR gosh. but it was an amusing 10 minutes

I also was kinda disapointed that Michelle didnt get to go :'( i missed her GREATLY during TBS, pretty much thought about you the whole time ;) you better be at Coheed.

kk thats all

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CScsCScsCScsCScs [31 Oct 2004|04:35pm]
[ mood | concert... ]

ok well i justw rote this HUGE fucking entry for my weekend!! and then i click rich text to make it cool and it fucking takes away all i typed PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT LJ!!!! so guess what im NOT doing it all again. ill do the short version! no good details ...fuck now im pissed.

Friday //

went to visit KT in the hospital :( <3

maddys house with friends

played CS

saw the Grudge

Saturday //

went to maddys(played CS)

went to taco bell FUCK YEAH

back to maddys(to play CS)

slept at mikes(and played CS)

tried to steal golf carts but ran like pansies when something behind the door attacked us O.o


Sunday //

witnessed mikes mom buy like $1000 worth of stuff from i think compUSA?

played CS

Sunday Night//

CONCERT-Taking Back Sunday//Fall Out Boy//Matchbook Romance

Halloween..but im going to the above.


Other //

Sam and Maddy are my ~!~BEST~!~FRIENDS~!~


matt SUCKS ASS at CS

mikes dog SHEDS A LOT


//Comment. kthx

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